• Build a serverless Slack bot using AWS Lambda and Salesforce

    I’ve been really interested recently about the serverless architecture and how I could leverage it to build a Slack bot. Driven by my curiosity, I decided to challenge myself to build one on AWS Lambda. For the sake of this tutorial, I will walk-through a sample use case that you could replicate at your company.

    Use Case

    A salesperson is actively interacting with colleagues on Slack. She would like to be aware of any new opportunities created in her Salesforce organization. She could open her browser every day to see for new material, but she’d prefer to be notified proactively so she can remain focused on high priority tasks.


    As a developer, you think that Slack could be a good channel to post new opportunities, considering the sales team is interacting on it on a daily basis.

    Network Diagram

    This article will walk-through the steps to create your first Slack bot integration. The bot will be a serverless app hosted as an AWS Lambda function, leveraging API Gateway to route the HTTP requests to the function and passively listening to outbound messages from Salesforce.

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  • Salesforce Streaming API and IE 11

    The Salesforce Streaming API is a wonderful tool that can help you create UIs that stay up to date with your data in real time. You also might find that it mysteriously doesn’t work in IE11, which Salesforce still officially supports on the platform.

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  • Why We Need A Builder Pattern For Our Test Data

    Why we need a Builder Pattern for our test data

    Properly testing Apex code is a necessary and important element of Salesforce development. To do so requires building test data that grows in complexity with the code you are testing.

    The Force.com platform gives us a pretty simple way to create sObject Data for Unit Tests. With the dynamic constructors that sObjects are equipped with, we can create records with populated fields.

    How is it then that so many people struggle to create good test data?

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  • A Quick Tour of the Lightning Design System

    On March 2nd, version 1.0.0 of the Lightning Design System was released. Seemed to us like a great time to take a quick tour of the system and a few of the core features available.

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  • Streamlining Application Deployment with Heroku and Contentful

    Speed up Deployment

    We recently updated an application for a client and helped dramatically decrease the time it takes to deploy a change. It was taking upwards to 2 weeks to get through a full deployment the application and now a change can be made and deployed in a matter of minutes.

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  • Create a Lightning Documentation Bookmarklet

    What Problem is Being Solved?

    Salesforce Lightning is a great platform and one of the cool “features” is that it encourages the developers to document their Lightning components using the tags. The platform will then dynamically build documentation specific to your org.

    One minor gripe I have is needing to remember the path to the documentation. Read more

  • Dynamically Select Databases in Rails!


    You may be familiar with having a model connect to a non-default database, which can be handled by something like:

    class AlternateUser < ActiveRecord::Base
      establish_connection "#{Rails.env}_alternate".to_sym
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  • React Native From the Trenches

    At the start of last year Facebook announced React Native, a new mobile development framework that would enable developers to build cross platform applications using JavaScript which would perform as well as an app written natively. You can watch the announcement video here.

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  • New Year, New Blog - Announcing mavens.github.io

    Firstly Happy New Year from everyone at Mavens! We wish you all a very prosperous and Happy New Year full of opportunities.

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